Artistic Measurements

  Photo Credit: Assortment of rulers and measurement tools by Peng, uploaded May 15, 2005: Peng/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY SA 3.0 “Our personal measurement systems are twisted and biased; they’re based on a convoluted collection of expectations we’ve absorbed over our lifetimes” (Romaner, 105) This weekend, I had to deal with rejection, that is, artistic rejection. … Continue reading Artistic Measurements

Permissible Art

Photo Credit: Portrait of Hassan Sabbah - Líder dos Assassinos: Lab~commonswiki/Wikimedia Commons/PD Old “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” – Hassan Sabbah (Taylor) In an interview with award-winning writer William T. Vollmann, Vollmann discusses this maxim of Hassan Sabbah, known as king of the political assassins in ancient Persia in the context of art. In … Continue reading Permissible Art