The Potential Of Art

Photo Credit: Theatrical release poster for Birth Of A Nation depicting a heroic pose from a KKK member from Chronicle Of The Cinema, distributed by the Epoch Film Company, 1915: Badmachine/Wikimedia Commons/PD US 1923 “[The artist] is not there to depict man as he is but also as he might be.” (Nin, Ch. 7, location … Continue reading The Potential Of Art


The Purpose Of Fiction

Photo Credit: Portrait Of A Man (showing the basic emotions according to American psychologist Paul Ekman), 2004-2006, by Gert Germeraad: Gertgermeraad/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY SA 3.0 “[Fiction] could point the way to all potentialities of life…” (Nin, Ch. 7, location 3073; emphasis original) I don’t think you can get a more lively discussion going with a … Continue reading The Purpose Of Fiction

The Freedom Of Fiction

Photo Credit: Liberty Leading The People (a commemoration of the French Revolution), Eugene Delacroix, 1830, oil on canvas, Louvre Museum, Paris, France: Crisco 1492/Wikimedia Commons/PD US 100 “[T]he art of fiction makes composites, expands, extends, alters…” (Nin, Ch. 4, location 1991) In Anais Nin’s book The Novel Of The Future, Nin devotes a chapter to … Continue reading The Freedom Of Fiction

Writer Guilt

Photo Credit: For being born somewhere else, Francisco Goya, 1814-1823, Brush, gouache, ink and brown bugalla, Prado Museum: AAvindraa/Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD Old 100) “[A]nything we have heard or experienced can be subliminal... .” (Jung, Part 1, location 510) A while back, a writer on a Facebook group posted of the guilt she felt for … Continue reading Writer Guilt