Fantasy vs. Imagination

Photo Credit: Fantasy Forest, original picture by RL Fantasy Design Studios, taken June 15, 2010 by RL Fantasy. Note that the photo includes creatures that most people consider can never be, such as a fairy and a flying horse: RL Fantasy Design Studios/Flickr/CC BY SA 2.0 Photo Credit: Open up to imagination, taken September 9, … Continue reading Fantasy vs. Imagination


 Photo Credit: Ragpicker, Eugene Atget, 1899-1901, print, albumen silver, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles: Tm/Wikimedia Commons/PD Old 80 1923  “[The ragpicker sees fragments], incompleted worlds, rags, detritus, the end of objects, and the beginning of transmutations.” (Nin, “Ragtime”, location 715) A while back, someone posted on a writer’s Facebook group Stephen King’s idea that … Continue reading Ragpicking

Hidden Influences

 Photo Credit: Portraits of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning (whose admiration of one another turned into love and they eloped in 1846), by Thomas Buchanan Read, 1853, oil on canvas at Christie’s, New York City, NY: Jan Arkesteijn/Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD Old 100 1923) “Everybody comes into your life for a reason. There are … Continue reading Hidden Influences

Humor In Fiction

Photo Credit: Untitled painting, artist unknown (but noted from the Flemish school). 1571-1604, Carnavalet Museum. A representation of a commedia dell’arte troupe, one of the carnivalesque groups of comic actors performing in Italy in the 16th century. A lose translation of the description in French tells of a scene where a lover passes a message … Continue reading Humor In Fiction