Conscious Creative Moments

 Photo Credit: Enlightened light bulb, uploaded April, 2016: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay/CC0 1.0 “The more you have of conscious creative moments … the more chance you will have of a flow of inspiration.” (Stanislavsky, pg. 15) I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance of mine who is a writer and poet. She insisted that she couldn’t write … Continue reading Conscious Creative Moments

Matchless Storytelling

 Photo Credit: Sheherazade and Sultan Schariar, Ferdinand Keller, 1880, oil on canvas, Sotheby’s, London. Scheherazade is the symbol of the ultimate story teller because she knew that telling a good story and keeping her listener in suspense had the power of saving her life. Botaurus/Wikimedia Commons/PD Old 80 1923 “ ‘Let the dedicated activist never … Continue reading Matchless Storytelling

The Fluid Self

Photo Credit: Man in Revolving Door, Otto Waldemar, 1986, taken 10 May 2009 by 24asd: 24asd/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY SA 3.0   “The writer has to remain open, fluid…” (Nin, Chap. 1, location 167-173) Maria Popova’s article “The Nature of the Self: Experimental Philosopher Joshua Knobe on How We Know Who We Are” gave me a lot … Continue reading The Fluid Self

Powerful Medicine

Photo Credit: Healing faery and male elephant seal, painting, Middle Path Café, Northern Lights Boulevard, Anchorage, Alaska, taken January 22, 2013: Wonderlane/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 “Story is powerful medicine.” (Craft, par. 3) I came across the article “Healing Through Writing” by Kathryn Craft not, I think, by accident. The idea that all art heals has been … Continue reading Powerful Medicine