Radio Interview on KPFA Radio


Photo Credit: Vintage retro antique radio photo, created February 26, 2016 by Lubos Houska: LubosHouska/ Pixabay/CC0 1.0

I am so excited to post my first radio interview!

A friend of mine, author/performer/radio host Jovelyn Richards chatted with me for KPFA’s Cover to Cover Open Book about my new release Gnarled Bones and Other Stories.

You can listen to it in the Cover to Cover Open Book archives or here.


2 thoughts on “Radio Interview on KPFA Radio

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for the comment. Yes, it was very exciting but also very very scary! I’m an introvert by nature, so the idea of being on the radio with real time listeners was totally freaking me out. I was very lucky, though, as Jovelyn is a friend of mine from a long time ago and she was very patient with preparing me and walking me through what to expect.



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