Author Dream Series: Lulu Sylvian

Here’s the March post for the Author Dream Series where guest authors talk about their writing dreams. Please welcome author Lulu Sylvian! My dreams of being an author are tiny, minuscule. The reason: I can focus on the small. If I look up I get dizzy from all the possibilities. Apparently, I have always been … Continue reading Author Dream Series: Lulu Sylvian


Diaries and Fiction

Photo Credit: One of the most famous diaries of all time – Anne Frank’s diary. Pp. 92-93 of Anne Frank’s Diary (original page numbers of Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl), Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Taken on April 5, 2009 by Heather Cowper: Flickr upload bot/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0 Photo Credit: Books … Continue reading Diaries and Fiction

Transposing Fiction

       Photo Credit: Young Girl Writing a Love Letter, Pietro Antonio Rotari, 1755, oil on canvas, Norton Simon Museum: Wmpearl/ Wikimedia Commons/CC PD Mark 1.0 Photo Credit: The Man Writing a Letter, Casper Netscher, 1665, oil on canvas, Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden, Germany: Mattes/Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD Old 100)   “Write immediately, yes! But … Continue reading Transposing Fiction

March Newsletter Giveaway!

I’m happy to announce the March Newsletter Giveaway. The prize that’s up for grabs is a nice big one: $270 Amazon gift card The giveaway will run from February 28, 2017 to March 15, 2017 and is hosted by Prisca’s Promo Group. To enter, go here. #MarchNewsletterGiveaway #270AmazonGC #OneEasyEntry #SubscribeToAllAuthorsNewsletters