Author Dream Series: Lulu Sylvian

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Here’s the March post for the Author Dream Series where guest authors talk about their writing dreams. Please welcome author Lulu Sylvian!

My dreams of being an author are tiny, minuscule. The reason: I can focus on the small. If I look up I get dizzy from all the possibilities.

Apparently, I have always been writing. I don’t remember this. I remember always drawing, making up stories but focusing on the pictures that went with them, not the words. The words have only happened recently. When I do write, I’m translating the pictures in my head into words, honestly, this is not something I had ever expected to happen. But now that it has I get twitchy-excited with everything I can do. Self publishing is a “dream come true.”

I can write what I want to, I don’t have to worry about market trends—I should pay attention to them if I expect to sell anything, but they aren’t going to be limiting factor in my dream of achieving publishing. So I can write about werewolves even though other shifters seem to be the hot commodity of the moment.

I can, literally, write a story and have it published digitally the next day. I’m not going to. There is a process I am going through to make sure that when I do hit publish I’m putting the best-written product out there that I can. My process involves readers, editors, revisions, and revisions, and revisions, and revisions.

There are resources available so that I can design a cover, and not break the bank. I can have hot male and beautiful female models for my book covers without having to pay both models, get release signatures, arrange costumes, and pay a photographer. My first career is in Graphic Design so I have the skill set to do my own covers, but if I didn’t, there are a lot of talented designers out there with predesigned covers, or the ability to create a custom design for a reasonable fee.

When I started thinking I might be able to do this I dreamed of actually writing a full-length story about wolf-shifters: and I did it. Next, I dreamed of having someone (I’m not related to) read my book and say good job: and they did. Then I dreamed of working with an editor to refine my story: and I am. I dreamed of having a book cover with my characters and my name on it, and have it look like a real (could be on the shelf in a store) book: and I do.

I focus on one dream at a time, then I know I can achieve that dream. Each dream leads to another dream. My next dreams involve setting a release date, having someone I don’t know buy my book, eventually release a physical version (the plan is release digitally first), who knows maybe someday I’ll dream of letting go of the day job, and being on the NYT best sellers list, and seeing one of my stories on the big screen.

About the Author

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Lulu is an as yet un-published author. She writes paranormal and contemporary romance. Release of her first novel, Protective, is in the works for 2017. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She collects resources for marketing and other author tools on Pinterest. You can read sneak peaks and author interviews on her blog.

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3 thoughts on “Author Dream Series: Lulu Sylvian

  1. I like how you want to take one dream at a time! I’m the same way! I can’t think too far ahead because I get dizzy too.


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