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I’m back from vacation and happy to present author Weston Kincade as part of my Author Dream Series! Welcome, Weston!

Dreams are effervescent, illusional, and often make us do the unthinkable.

Hi, I’m Weston Kincade, author of two different series, The Priors and A Life of Death. Thank you for having me, Tam. I’m happy to be here.

As of May 31st, I released my sixth book and fulfilled one authorly dream, to have a completed trilogy. The A Life of Death series is a supernatural coming-of-age story, one that I have dreamt about sporadically since its first creation. But my dream for being an author started long before.

Have you ever wanted to be Stephen King, Tolkien, Robert Jordan, J.K. Rowling, or George R.R. Martin?

I have since high school, specifically Tolkien–for obvious reasons–and Robert Jordan because I so loved his Wheel of Time series. I tried writing a story when I was sixteen one summer. Got forty pages in before I discovered it was really just fan fiction. In the mid-nineties, there was no place for that so far as I knew. I stopped, and it was relegated to the dumpster when the old 486 puttered out and died.

Over the years my writing changed and so did my dreams. I still love reading high fantasy and plan to write books in the genre eventually, but my inner stories came out a bit darker. I discovered who I was as a writer, but that took many years. It wasn’t until 2008 that I even contemplated writing an entire novel. Before then, I concluded that writing a novel was an insurmountable obstacle to overcome, a mountain too high to climb. I was a high school English teacher, had been for three years by that point, and I loved what I did. Still, a part of me was untapped, like a brewed keg waiting to spill its delicious contents. I still wrote. That passion dwelled beneath the surface. However, I never felt as though I’d written anything worthy of publication, so I didn’t even try. In fact, my future wife–who admits to not being a writer–actually won an award for her poetry and was published before I ever achieved it, lol.

But the question of “What if…” drew me to the supernatural in my writing, and I continued to peck away at the keyboard. My short stories were more cemented in reality than anything I’d tried to write in high school. Eventually, a few character descriptions coalesced into an interrelated world. Then a story. Then an outline. And finally an entire book. I hadn’t planned it at first. I was simply writing introductions, as I liked to do, and so book one in The Priors was born, To Kill a Priest.

It was an enormous accomplishment in my eyes. I’d done the unthinkable, scaled the mountain and was staring off into the wide, blue yonder. But where did I go from there? I had no idea. I knew no authors or anyone who had ever published. I’d only ever met one author in my life, Scott Nicholson, and that was just while walking through the mall in Christiansburg, Virginia before I went off to college. He had been peddling his first publication, a short story in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future anthology, Volume XV. We had talked for a time and I bought the book. So once I accomplished this insurmountable feat, I went and looked at the inscription:

To Weston,

Don’t be afraid to test the waters… they’re quite warm!

Best Wishes,

Scott Nicholson

To this day those words inspire me. It took nearly ten years for their message to ring true, but the time had come. I set off determined to not only publish, but also to write more books.

Since then I’ve met and spoken with Mr. Nicholson quite a few times at conferences and via the Internet, but times have changed. The world has grown smaller. People are all over social media. Facebook and Amazon seem to run our little spot in the universe. And in that time I’ve reached some dreams, found new ones, and realized that I am not limited to one job or occupation. Being a teacher, now going on twelve years, doesn’t define me. I am an educator, author, entertainer, and above all else, someone I’m proud to be.

You can reach your goals, too. Don’t limit yourself. If you want to accomplish your dreams, set out and do it. There is nothing stopping you but yourself. As Scott Nicholson once said, “Don’t be afraid to test the waters… they’re quite warm!”

About The Author

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Weston Kincade writes fantasy, paranormal, and horror novels that stretch the boundaries of imagination, and often genres. His current series include the A Life of Death trilogy and the Priors. Weston’s short stories have been published in Alucard Press’ “50 Shades of Slay,” Kevin J. Kennedy’s bestselling “Christmas Horror” and “Easter Horror,” and other anthologies. He is a member of the Horror Writer’s Association (HWA) and helps invest in future writers while teaching English. In his spare time Weston enjoys spending time with his wife and Maine Coon cat, Hermes, who talks so much he must speak for the Gods.

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To connect with Weston Kincade, follow him via email at for a free copy of his co-written short story anthology Strange Circumstances.

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