Follow an Author Giveaway!

Follow an Author GW P1 and P2 Banner

Here’s an interesting giveaway that I’m participating in where you have not one, but two, chances to win a big prize!

Follow an Author GW P1 Only Banner

For Part 1 of the giveaway, you’ll be asked to follow authors on BookBub a great place to sign up for discount book emails daily (and these guys have the best stuff on offer every day) where you’ll have all the latest news on what those authors are releasing and any promotions they might be doing on BookBub. Entering this giveaway opens up a chance to win a $130 Amazon gift card.

To enter this giveaway, go here.

Follow an Author GW P2 Only Banner

In Part 2 of the giveaway, you have a chance to follow authors on Amazon and Goodreads, two essential platforms if you’re an avid reader. The prize for this giveaway is also a $130 Amazon gift card.

To enter this part of the giveaway, go here.

Naturally, you can enter both giveaways for a chance to win either one of these prizes.

Both giveaways will run until December 5, 2017.

Disclaimer: I am a participant only in this giveaway. I did not set up the giveaway or sponsor it.

If there is a problem with the link or entry/entries above, feel free to let me know via email at Thank you!

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