Author Dream Series: Sylvie Stewart

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This is our last post for the Author Dream Series for 2017 and we’re lucky to have author Sylvie Stewart join us to help us see out the year! Thank you, Sylvie!

If it truly matters to you, you make it happen. That’s my family’s motto in a nutshell. Growing up, I saw my parents each follow their passions, and when life got in the way, they seemed to create more hours in the day to make room for everything and more. Not enough money? Let’s all sit around the table folding letters and licking stamps to drum up clients for my father’s marketing consulting business. Need a creative outlet? Suss out free voice lessons, learn to weave, or take a cooking class. My parents are and have always been teachers—the kind students remember for years to come, the kind who change lives, foster dreams, and know the names of their first students’ grandchildren. Nothing that comes from the gut is done in half measures. If you want something badly enough, you make it happen.

Finding the passion was the hardest thing for me. I’m what you might call a dabbler. Creative endeavors are my weakness, and I’ve been known to obsess over projects for a few weeks, investing whatever time and money I can scrounge up, only to lose interest when another shiny project catches my eye. Look! A squirrel! I have degrees in filmmaking and graphic design, I’ve worked in marketing, been an environmental activist, learned to paint, sew, make stained glass and jewelry, embroider, do woodworking and paper crafting, use a letterpress, and I’m dying to try a dozen other crafts and artistic pursuits. But the writing … the writing is the one that sticks. Nothing is shiny enough to divert my eyes from the stories.

My author journey is like most others. My mind was never short on stories, and writing came quite naturally to me. However, being a published author wasn’t even remotely on my radar. Writing was done for oneself. But when I found myself in the age of digital self-publishing and my children started attending a full day of school, I quite literally sat at my computer one day and said, “What the hell!” My first novel was on Amazon three months later. With each new story, I’m growing as a writer, and my dream is getting bigger and bigger. Not even the sky is the limit from where I sit now.

Do I get in my own way? Does life get in my way? Certainly. I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a member of my community, so priorities must be established. But when it’s quiet and I’m alone in my own space, it’s the books that call to me. The characters are my friends, the stories my dreams, and I can’t ignore them.

I used to see my mother wrapped in a robe, typing into her computer at two o’clock in the morning and say, “Mom, you need to go to bed.” Her response was always, “I just have a few more things to do, and then I’ll go.” She would finish up one more letter of recommendation, or sign one more petition to protect human rights, or compose one more encouraging e-mail to a student contemplating dropping out.

If it truly matters to you, you make it happen. I’ve half-assed my way through countless endeavors, but the writing … that’s the one that truly matters to me. It’s the one that has me echoing my mother’s words: “Just a few more things and then I’ll go.” It’s the one that fuels me, fills me, and allows me to show my children the value of having a dream and doing anything to make it happen. 

About The Author 

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Award-winning author Sylvie Stewart is addicted to Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance, and she’s not looking for a cure. She hails from the great state of North Carolina, so it’s no surprise that her books are all set in the Tar Heel state. She’s a wife to a hilarious dude, and mommy to nine-year-old twin boys who tend to take after their father in every way. Sylvie often wonders if they’re actually hers, but then she remembers being a human incubator for a gazillion months. Ah, good times.

Sylvie began publishing when her kids started elementary school, and she loves sharing her stories with readers and hopefully making them laugh and swoon a bit along the way. If she’s not in her comfy green writing chair, she’s probably camping or kayaking with her family or having a glass of wine while binge-watching Hulu. Or she’s been kidnapped—so what are you doing just sitting there?!!

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You can download the first book of the Carolina Connections series, The Fix, here.

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