The Order of Actaeon Release Day Blitz!


Front Cover Photo Credit: The Death of Acaeton, Titian, 1559-1575, cropped painting, National Gallery, London, United Kingdom: AAvindraa/Wikimedia Commons /PD 1923

It’s here! It’s release day for my second book The Order of Actaeon, the first book of my Waxwood series :-).

OOA General Teaser 

Book Blurb

Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

Jake is heir to the fortune and name of the prominent San Francisco Alderdice family. Although dearly loved by his sister Vivian, his passion for art and his contemplative temperament make him a pariah in the eyes of his bitter, tyrannical mother Larissa.

Eight months after his grandfather dies, Larissa announces the family is going to Waxwood, an exclusive resort town in Northern California, for the summer. At first, Jake’s life seems as aimless in Waxwood as it was in the city. Then Jake meets Stevens. With paternal authority and an obsession for power and leadership, Stevens is the epitome of Larissa’s idea of a family patriarch. Jake develops a hero worship for Stevens who in turn is intrigued by Jake’s artistic talent and philosophical nature. Stevens introduces him to the Order Of Actaeon, a group of misanthropes who reject commercial and conventional luxuries for a “pure” life in the wild.

But behind the potent charms of his new friend and seductive simplicity of the Actaeon lifestyle lies something more brutal and sinister than Jake could have anticipated.

Reader reviews are coming in and here’s what some readers have to say about the book:

OOA Reader Review Teaser

You can read an excerpt here.

Curious about the title of the book? I talk a little bit about Actaeon and his connection to the book here.

You can pick up your copy in paperback or ebook today!

Amazon US

Amazon UK


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