Author Dream Series: Zan Marie Steadham

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We’re kicking off the 2018 Author Dream Series with a post by author Zan Marie Steadham. Welcome, Zan Marie!

I like telling people that my momma had words with me. Not in the usual Southern sense that she fussed at me, but she had words with me, for me, and around me from the time she carried me in her womb while reading to my older sister. It was Momma’s fault that I took delight in words. She gave me and my siblings no choice in the matter. From the time we were toddlers, we all had library cards and joined the summer reading program at the regional library branch in our home town. Every week, we checked out five books. As I grew up, stories were the stuff of life, entertainment, and, in the long run, my dream. I was about eight when I realized that the stories I loved were written by someone. Why couldn’t that someone be me? That was my first writing dream.

I started with poetry, then stories, plays, lyrics, and devotions. Whatever I felt led to write, I wrote. At first my novel-length stories were Science Fiction because that was the genre my husband and I both loved and read. Then a dream blew all that away. I woke from a nap with a clear first scene of a novel about a retired, childless, recently widowed teacher meeting an abused foster child at a foster family respite party that her church was hosting. It took root in my mind. Within the length of that day, I had developed the basic outline of a story that was anything but SF. Or mystery, fantasy, thriller, or chiller. What was it?

About three years into the writing of Mother’s Day, I discovered Women’s Fiction and realized that my story was part of this genre. Thankfully, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association was being organized in 2013, and I found, not only friends writing what I did, but a place to belong and grow in a genre that is in high demand.

Mother’s Day is complete and polished. I’m presently seeking representation for it. Meanwhile, I’m working on the next of my stories set in Cherry Hill, Georgia. I have at least three more planned.

Now, I guess you can say my dream is publication. I hope to have an agent and a publishing company behind me. With two conferences planned for 2017, I’m placing my hopes and dreams on my ability to pitch agents face-to-face. Wish me luck!

About The Author

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After a career teaching History and Latin to high school students, Zan Marie Steadham was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year in Creative Nonfiction in 2009 for AN EASTER WALK and has written three other nonfiction books. She has edited a church history and a memoir for a TBI survivor. In addition to her career as a teacher, she’s a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and has contributed to WFWA’s online magazine, Write On!. She also serves as the Goals Section Leader of the CompuServe Books and Writers Forum and is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association. She has advanced degrees in history and education. She is proud that she was chosen to read her essay, “My Momma Had Words With Me” in the stage show Listen To Your Mother/Atlanta in April 2017 at the Strand Theatre on the Square in Marietta, Georgia.

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