Be Our Valentine Giveaway!

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****NOTE: Some people have contacted me with concerns that the entry showed no place to put their email. I asked the giveaway organizer about this and this was his response:

If you came through Facebook or logged in on Rafflecopter it automatically grabs your email address. You can click the little toggle in the upper right where it’ll say “Hi, Gina! You have 1 entry” and will show your email address below.

So if you click on the link below and don’t see a space to put your email, don’t panic!!! Once you hit “I entered!”, Rafflecopter will record whatever email you have for Facebook or Rafflecopter, if you’re logged into it. So you will still be entered :-).

Valentine’s Day is coming and a bunch of us author want you to be our valentine :). So we’ve participated in a giveaway where we ask you to send us love and appreciation by signing up for our author newsletters to get all the latest news about our new releases, giveaways we’re doing, promotions we’re doing, etc. And what we’re giving in return is not one, but TWO chances to win a $85 Amazon gift card. Kind of a cool Valentine’s Day gift, don’t you think?

This giveaway will end on February 15, 2018 and the winner will be chosen on February 16, 2018 (though announced a bit later).

You can enter the giveaway by going here.

Disclaimer: I am a participant only in this giveaway. I did not set up the giveaway nor do I sponsor it. 

If there is a problem with the link or entry/entries above, feel free to let me know via email at Thank you! 

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4 thoughts on “Be Our Valentine Giveaway!

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thank you for alerting me to this (someone else did as well). I’m checking with the giveaway organizers about this. Since I didn’t set up the giveaway I’m not sure how they are doing it so I’m checking and will update the blog post once I know.


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