First Worlds: Writing and Blogging in New Directions

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Photo Credit: The Blue Veil by Edmond Tarbell, oil painting, 1898: freeparking/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The creative personality never remains fixed on the first world it discovers. It never resigns itself to anything … “ (Nin, location 3587)

I love this quote from Nin because it’s so true of many creative people. The nature of creativity is flux, motion, and exploration. Many creative artists don’t settle on one things in their creative lives. They might begin going in one direction and find themselves in another that is truer to their psychological reality. They might decide to create one thing and then expand into other directions. Wherever they are going, they are always taking their audience with them.

If you’ve been following my reader group or subscribe to my newsletter, you know I’ve been taking a break from promoting my books the past few months even though I had a new book come out in January of this year. There’s a reason for that.

I began my writing career in April 2016 knowing I wanted to write and publish psychological literary fiction. But I also knew I would grow and broaden my writing skills and my interests as I learned more about myself and my audience and embraced new things. This is what’s been happening with me in the past few months. I explain a lot about this on my Coming Soon page and I also did a live Facebook post about it here. The gist of it is I’ve been acting on what has been a true passion for me for a while —combining my fascination of psychological fiction with my love of history. I’m also expanding my work to include historical mystery fiction (a la Agatha Christie and Anne Perry) because classic mystery fiction has always been my guilty pleasure and I love writing puzzles and giving them to readers to solve.

Because my fiction will be evolving, so will my blogging. Make no mistake – The Dream Book Blog isn’t going anywhere! I love this blog and appreciate everyone who reads and follows it. The Dream Book Blog has always been about bringing a psychological edge to topics related to creativity and the arts (including literature, film, and visual arts). However, there have been blog posts that have strayed from these topics. Even though I loved writing those posts, as I head into the future, you’ll be seeing more posts that stick with my original intent for this blog.

Gilded Age Pic

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Gilded Age was it’s excesses and its pomposity. I’ll be talking a lot about this on my new blog, Mother Time Musings.

Photo Credit: Hofball in Wien. Aquarell, Wilhelm Gause, 1900, Historisches Museum de Stadt Wien: Andrew0921/Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD Old)

Since my fiction is expanding into the historical genre, I’ll also be starting a new blog which is actually a revamp of an old one. I mentioned in my two year blogging anniversary post a that I began my blogging journey with a blog titled Mother Time Musings. This blog included a variety of posts about history, women, classic films, and random posts on an occasional Sunday about whatever struck my mind that week that I felt was worth blogging about. I’m now revamping this blog so it focuses on the historical aspects that I find the most fascinating and are the most relevant to my upcoming historical fiction. Posts on this blog will be about historical eras that I find the most interesting, primarily the Gilded Age (roughly, the 1870’s) to the beginning of the Great Depression (the stock market crash was in 1929), which constitutes what we call the Progressive Era. I also intend to write as much as possible about American history during these eras and not just the “Wild West” which seems to be where many blogs that deal with the 19th and early 20th century in America go. And, of course, you’ll get a lot of interesting perspectives on California and the San Francisco Bay Area since, as many of my readers know, this is my favorite place in the world and most of my fiction takes place there.

I promise you, these won’t be boring blog posts with textbook retellings of historical events. As with all of my writing, my interest is in psychological reality and the psycho-social world in which we live. This new blog is now going to take that interest to another level by examining the psychological realities of life and people in the past.

Stay tuned for announcements about when that blog is up. I really hope you’ll all join me on my journey beyond one writer’s first worlds.

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Nin, Anais. The Novel of the Future. Sky Blue Press. The Anais Nin Trust, 2014 (original publication date 1968). Kindle digital file.

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