Happy New Year!!! (Plus 2019 Blog Updates)

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Photo Credit: Hip, hip, hurra! Kunstnerfest på Skagen, Peder Severin Kroyer, 1888, oil on canvas, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden: Thuresson/Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD old 100)

First off, here’s wishing everyone a happy New Year!!!

I know that 2018 was a tough year for me and I think it was a tough year for many of us. So I hope you’ll join me in bringing in 2019 with hope, relief, joy, and faith that it will be a fantastic one!

I know this coming year is going to be an awesome one for me and my readers because after having been on a publishing break trying to refocus my fiction, I’ll be coming back with some new releases in 2019 that I know are going to be fabulous! If you want all the details about my upcoming releases, you can get them by signing up for my author newsletter.

In addition, I have some news about my blogs. This year, I started another blog that was to focus  primarily on some of the new topics I’ve become interested in that relate to my fiction. But I’m finding that trying to maintain two blogs isn’t the best use of my time. So I’m happy to announce that I’ll be putting aside my second blog for now and keeping up this blog exclusively for the future.

What does that mean for my blog subscribers? It means you’re going to be getting more amazing and interesting content!

As most of you know, my passion is psychological exploration and insight. I like to explore things from the inside out, which is why my author brand is “Characters from the inside out”.  That’s going to be the focus more than ever for 2019 for my blog as well as my fiction.

I’m going to be expanding the range of topics that I’ve previously covered in this blog. Whereas I was more set on talking about topics related only to the arts — literature and film, primarily — previously, I’ll be adding to the mix two topics that I’ve been delving into more and more lately — history and mystery. Both are so much more than “just the facts, ma’am” when you really delve deep into the whys and hows.

To read more about what’s coming up in this blog, check out the updated Dream Book Blog’s about page.

Thank you all for being my subscribers for another year and I hope you’ll stay on for the coming year!

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