The Jazz of the Writing World: In Defense of “Purple Prose”

 Photo Credit: Steel black and white sculpture of jazz players, upcycled: Max Pixel/CC0 1.0 “The importance of rhythm [in prose] in my estimation is a measure of the difference between a live book and a dead one.” (Nin, Novel of the Future, Chap 3, location1684) Not long ago, I had an argument (well, more of … Continue reading The Jazz of the Writing World: In Defense of “Purple Prose”


Be Our Valentine Giveaway!

****NOTE: Some people have contacted me with concerns that the entry showed no place to put their email. I asked the giveaway organizer about this and this was his response: If you came through Facebook or logged in on Rafflecopter it automatically grabs your email address. You can click the little toggle in the upper … Continue reading Be Our Valentine Giveaway!

My 1-Year Publiversary

Photo Credit: Bucket of champagne bottles and glasses, uploaded 19 March 2017, author unknown: Pxhere/CC0 1.0 January 19 marked my one-year publiversary as a self-published author. A year ago on that day, my first book, Gnarled Bones and Other Stories was released, officially making me a self-published author with all the excitement and anxiety that … Continue reading My 1-Year Publiversary

Author Inspirations: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein

Photo Credit: Unknown Woman Formally Known as Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Samuel John Stump, date unknown (but before 1863), National Portrait Gallery: Dcoetzee/Wikimedia Commons /PD Art (PD Old 100) “‘Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos’” (as quoted in “How Mary Shelley…”, par. 17) Going … Continue reading Author Inspirations: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein