Three Barriers to Sincerity

              Aldous Huxley (left) and Andre Gide – two writers very much concerned with literary sincerity. Photo Credit: Painted portrait of Aldous Huxley, 2011, from the Abode of Chaos Contemporary Art Museum, France: Abode of Chaos/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 Photo Credit: Andre Gide at Jersey, Theo Van Rysselberghe, 1907, oil … Continue reading Three Barriers to Sincerity


Author Dream Series: Lindsay Marie Miller

I’m pleased to offer the Author Dream Series where guest authors talk about their writing dreams. Please welcome author Lindsay Marie Miller! Happily Ever After Writing was never a choice for me. It was just something that sort of happened. I was sixteen and felt out of step, living vicariously through Edward and Bella in … Continue reading Author Dream Series: Lindsay Marie Miller


  Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland is filled with personification, most of it involving animals. Above are a few examples. Photo Credit: Original illustration of White Rabbit by John Tenniel from Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, 1865: Mturtle/Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD Old 100) Photo Credit: Original illustration of the Fish Footman and the … Continue reading Personification

Matchless Storytelling

 Photo Credit: Sheherazade and Sultan Schariar, Ferdinand Keller, 1880, oil on canvas, Sotheby’s, London. Scheherazade is the symbol of the ultimate story teller because she knew that telling a good story and keeping her listener in suspense had the power of saving her life. Botaurus/Wikimedia Commons/PD Old 80 1923 “ ‘Let the dedicated activist never … Continue reading Matchless Storytelling

Powerful Medicine

Photo Credit: Healing faery and male elephant seal, painting, Middle Path Café, Northern Lights Boulevard, Anchorage, Alaska, taken January 22, 2013: Wonderlane/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 “Story is powerful medicine.” (Craft, par. 3) I came across the article “Healing Through Writing” by Kathryn Craft not, I think, by accident. The idea that all art heals has been … Continue reading Powerful Medicine