Confessional Memoir: The Literary Selfie

Photo Credit: Maria Riva, daughter of Marlene Dietrich, who also wrote the biography/confessional memoir Marlene Dietrich: The Life, 1951, CBS Television: We Hope/Wikimedia Commons/PD US no notice "Artistic expression by itself is only a form of acting out emotions, not a way of working them through." – (Mate, p. 26) As most of my blog … Continue reading Confessional Memoir: The Literary Selfie


Poetic License

Photo Credit: Truman Capote in 1980 a few years before his death, when all of his society friends had forsaken him for his poetic license in Answered Prayers. Photo taken by Jack Mitchell, 1980: Nesnad/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY SA 4.0 “‘The artist is a dangerous person because he’s out of control… He’s controlled only by his art.’” (Truman … Continue reading Poetic License