A Tortoise and Hare Writing Allegory

The bunny may be cute, but he’s not gonna win the race like that ;-). Photo Credit: The tortoise and the hare with the hare resting by the side of the road while the tortoise passes him up. From Children’s Favorites and Fairy Stories by various authors, edited by Hamilton Wright Mabie, Edward Everett Hale, … Continue reading A Tortoise and Hare Writing Allegory

The Weight of Family Tradition

Photo Credit: The family of Carlos IV, former King of Spain. La Familia de Carlos IV, 1800-1801, Francisco de Goya, oil on canvas, Museo del Prado: Lomita/Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD Old 100) I have always been intrigued by family traditions. Most families have them, most of them small but significant ones. I remember every Saturday … Continue reading The Weight of Family Tradition

Literary vs. Commercial Fiction – Better or Different?

Photo Credit: Books on the shelf of an Amazon bookstore with all the covers facing front, location unknown, uploaded 21 March 2016 by Brian Chow: bchow/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 “[Literary and commercial fiction are] serve different purposes in our society.” (Levin, par. 2) When I first discovered writing at the age of fourteen, I didn’t read … Continue reading Literary vs. Commercial Fiction – Better or Different?

My 1-Year Publiversary

Photo Credit: Bucket of champagne bottles and glasses, uploaded 19 March 2017, author unknown: Pxhere/CC0 1.0 January 19 marked my one-year publiversary as a self-published author. A year ago on that day, my first book, Gnarled Bones and Other Stories was released, officially making me a self-published author with all the excitement and anxiety that … Continue reading My 1-Year Publiversary