Strangers Working in Strange Lands

 Photo Credit: Freud with some of his followers. Otto Rank is standing behind Freud’s chair. 1922. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division: Prosopee/Wikimedia Commons/PD EU no author disclosure “[I]f we want to catch glimpses of the truths that govern human culture and behavior, we must open ourselves to the wisdom, no matter how surprising … Continue reading Strangers Working in Strange Lands


Dream -Anxiety and Voice

Photo Credit: Hope, Zelda Fitzgerald, 1938, Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Montgomery, AL. Like her writing and her speech, Zelda’s art shows her unusual perspective on the world.: ShanMcG203/Flickr/CC BY SA 2.0   In my blog tagline, I include dreams because my intention was to discuss my own dreams or other writers’ dreams (as in … Continue reading Dream -Anxiety and Voice