Wait out Winter Giveaway!

Wait Out Winter GW Banner



If you click on the giveaway link and there is nowhere to enter your email address, DO NOT PANIC!!!

Per the giveaway organizers:

If you came through Facebook or logged in on Rafflecopter it automatically grabs your email address. You can click the little toggle in the upper right where it’ll say “Hi, Gina! You have 1 entry” and will show your email address below.

So click on “I entered!” and Rafflecopter will record your email from Facebook or Rafflecopter and you will be entered.

PLEASE do not email me or comment on this post that there is nowhere to enter the email. Due to time constraints, all such emails and comments will not be answered.


Another giveaway is under way to get you to discover new authors and their work in their newsletters. The grand prize for this giveaway is a $100 Amazon gift card. A nice way to wait out the winter as we move into spring :-).

This giveaway will end on March 14, 2018.

You can enter the giveaway by going here.

Disclaimer: I am a participant only in this giveaway. I did not set up the giveaway nor do I sponsor it.

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6 thoughts on “Wait out Winter Giveaway!

    1. Hi Sherrie,
      Actually, you need to enter the email address (or it will be entered already if you’re logged into a site where Rafflecopter picks it up – see the note in red on the post) for the giveaway in the link provided :-). I can’t enter you in the giveaway.


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